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Dune Chapter Two/Damascus-Forged Crysknife

We are excited to share our second fundraiser with our community, and hope you will join us to once again be among the first in the world to experience an epic movie in a luxurious theater in the company of some remarkable entrepreneurs, executives and creatives. Reprising the playbook of our previous Top Gun: Maverick premiere event, we secured the rights to show Dune Chapter Two a day before it opens to the world, and will be gathering in Los Angeles once again to experience the magic of another cinematic masterpiece: Denis Villeneuve's follow-on to his 2011 movie Dune, which continues the hero's journey of Paul Atreides as he wrestles with the weight of his father's ambitions and the treachery of rival Houses who seek to wrestle his inheritance from House Atreides. We are honored to host master blacksmith Emiliano Carillo, who devoted over a decade of his life to the ancient art of metalworking and owns his own bladesmithing practice, Sun and Stars Forge.

Mr. Carillo will be with us in Los Angeles and share his remarkable journey from amateur blacksmith to being a master craftsman of an ancient trade, one almost forgotten by modern society.

If you haven't yet secured your tickets, there are still a few spots remaining, and we would be delighted to have you join our remarkable community of entrepreneurs, executives and creatives for an unforgettable night - please RSVP at our official page here.

We look forward to seeing friends, supporters and Dune fans on Thursday, February 29th, 2024, may M'uadib bless you and those you love.

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