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TOP GUN: Maverick, Inaugural Fundraising Event

Citizen Medic is pleased to announce our inaugural fundraising event, TOP GUN: Maverick in Los Angeles. We’ve secured authorization from Paramount to showcase the long-awaited movie, two days before the official release date. While the rest of the world needs to wait until May 27th to see Top Gun: Maverick in theaters, Citizen Medic’s most-generous supporters will be able to see it on May 25th, 2022 in a private luxury theater in Los Angeles. Our private theater have 70 fully-reclinable seats and are as of today (April 20th, 2022) 52 of those seats are already spoken for; we expect to be fully sold out by the first week of May 2022. For details about our event and how to reserve one of the remaining seats, click here. Don’t lose that loving feeling - support first aid education and join our fundraiser today!

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