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Donate and Receive a Laminated Emergency Card

When disaster strikes, we’d all like to think we’re prepared… but are we? Cell phones have become so useful, we’ve outsourced our thinking and memory to them.

24 hours after a power outage, the most advanced phone is just a brick. Do we know our loved ones’ phone numbers by heart? Can we navigate without GPS assistance? Do we know our blood types?


Citizen Medic has thought about this and created a solution: a durable, wallet-size card that has the most vital information you want on one side, and a map of your area on the other. It comes in three copies so you can carry one, keep one in a safe location, and have one for backup. We can also generate a PDF version for you to print at home. 


Your information entered below, along with your generous donation, will come back to you in triplicate laminated card form. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


At levels of $25 of more:


We will create and mail you a personal IN CASE OF EMERGENCY card: 

[Emergency contact 1 Name]
[Emergency contact 1 phone/address]

Emergency contact 2 Name]

Emergency contact 2 phone/address]

[Note section, three lines]

Fill  in info of their choice

Such as:

allergies, blood type, third contact info]

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