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Our Team: Our Team

Kai Chang - 張敦楷

Executive Director & Founder

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Kai lived in Osaka, Japan, before emigrating to the United States.

While working in the financial services sector and serving as a Competitive Intelligence/Market Research advisor in Silicon Valley, Kai served as a volunteer First Responder (Community Emergency Response Team) and instructor, teaching thousands of people disaster preparedness, CPR, and injury care. He has addressed Boy Scout Troops, engineers, corporate executives, and ambassadors/diplomatic staff from multiple embassies, helping them become more resilient and better-equipped to save the lives of their loved ones.

A passionate advocate for personal resilience, Kai has spoken about his firsthand experience as a First Responder at conferences around the globe, including TEDx Chennai (India), TEDx UC San Diego and at the United Nations in New York City.

Michael Lee, M.D.

Strategic and Medical Science Adviser, Board Member

In a previous life, Dr. Michael Lee served as a trauma surgeon in a branch of the military which was active in several hotspots around the world where he spent his time patching up wounded soldiers and civilians alike under adversarial conditions.

Currently, Dr. Lee runs a private medical advisory practice, helping top executives optimize their time, energy and performance through a tailored combination of nutrition, targeted weight-training exercises and psychedelics.


Edward Chen

Disaster Recovery, Search & Rescue Advisor
Board Member

Eddie Chen was born and raised in the Silicon Valley region of California and graduated from U.C. San Diego where he earned his B Sci in Cognitive Science. He has 20+ years in the User Experience Design field, spending much of his time in enterprise and system administration software as well as projects ranging from education, cloud computing, mobile apps and game design.

He has served multiple stints as both a panelist and program committee member for ACM's Computer Human Interaction for
Management of Information Technology conference, where he shares his expertise on intuitive user-centric design.

Currently, Eddie is an active volunteer in the US Civil Air Patrol, a United States Air Force auxiliary program. He was enrolled in the Cadet program as a minor and now serves in the senior program across all three primary mission fields, which include working with youth in the cadet programs, volunteering in regional emergency services/search & rescue, and aerospace education.

Athena Meriwether

Board Member

Athena Meriwether is a published author, counselor, and workshop facilitator. She has spent 3 decades studying healing techniques, including transformational bodywork, holotropic breathing, family constellation work, shamanic journeying, and voice dialogue therapy. In the 1980s, Athena left a Midwestern university where she was studying biology to travel in Polynesia for 10 years.

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